martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Two Thousand Eleven

The year 2011 has been so far the most productive in a long time.
I haven't stopped and I'm not even getting started for what's to come.
It seems like I have slept over 2009 to get ready for this.
What bothers me right now is> all this baggage, all of the useless things I "own" >My habits
>My unfulfilled intentions to have an exclusive reason to make it through the day.
Inspiration has been there always but it feels like It has been hiding and now is wanting to come out.
"I live in a cemetery, I need a change"
Soon I could be in or out of the Club 27, fact that supposes a necessary reflection about what I have always wanted and what I am here to do.
So, for the moment I will be trying to communicate through expression and hopefully the system won't absorb me as well.
I'll keep hoping for this and praying for my joy to keep walking by my side.

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